About Us

We are an eclectic, hyper local, example of Urban Recycling at it's best. Bolted together with Art, Music, Commerce, and lots of creative smiles. We are proud sell Pendleton Blankets, Opinel Knives, & Low Rent Fancy Bread as our Gold Standard Products.

We retail a Meticulously Curated Beer & Wine & Book Collection that will never disappoint and always deliver as promised. We also sell select Vintage Glassware & Pottery chosen by Juried Board that will have you named hostess of the year. Local Vendors also sell in our Jenks1929 Mercantile. You'll find everything from locally grown flourishing green plants to hand felted animals made here in Cuyahoga Falls. 

We welcome our visitors to explore every inch of our 1929 Brick Building that has been open every day, excepting Lord's Sunday, for the past 90 years. 

Our Live Performance Calendar mixes regional Singers, Songwriters, Bluesmen, Classical Musicians and Machine Shop Rock Bands. 


We got Commerce. We got Architecture. We got Community. We got Coffee. 

All we need is you!