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The rods and reels at The Jenks Building, Tell a tale of the river's yield, Where the Cuyahoga flows unyielding, And angling hearts are truly sealed.

The rods are strong, yet nimble too, With grip worn smooth by years of use, And lines that cut the water through, As fishermen seek the perfect ruse.

The reels are simple, yet refined, Their clicks and whirrs an angler's song, As they cast their lines with peace of mind, In the river's current, swift and strong.

At Jenks, the fishing's in the blood, A tradition steeped in history, Where every cast and every tug, Is a moment of sweet mystery.

So come, my friends, and join the fray, At the historic Jenks Building's door, And let the rods and reels convey, The story of the Cuyahoga's lore.

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