The Cuyahoga Falls Fest is an event for whitewater paddling athletes to gather and experience what Ohio has to offer. Our focus is the Cuyahoga River Upper Gorge and the primary vendors are the Downtown Cuyahoga Falls businesses, restaurants, bars, and breweries. 

The Cuyahoga Falls Fest is a grassroots event organized by local paddling athletes. It is a "fun for all" event for spectators and paddlers. Whether paddling or spectating, beautiful Downtown Cuyahoga Falls can be explored by everyone. Paddlers are encouraged to focus on whitewater within their skill level, form their own groups, gear, safety plans, and shuttle logistics as necessary. The main focus on Fest day will be the Cuyahoga River Upper Gorge, behind the Sheraton Hotel in Cuyahoga Falls. Due to inclement weather and/or fluctuating water levels, paddlers may choose to explore other areas at their discretion. Make sure to follow the Cuyahoga Falls Fest Facebook Page for all updates. 

Primary Paddle Location:
Cuyahoga River Upper Gorge (Sheraton Section) - Class IV-V+ (water flow dependent)
Secondary Locations (water flow dependent): 
Tinker's Creek - Class IV-V+
East/West Falls Black River - Class V
Cuyahoga River Lower Gorge - Class II-III
Cuyahoga River Water Trail - various Class I-III